Speaker: Glenda Martin & CV

Glenda Martin spoke to us today about the best way to present our Cv’s, and the do’s and don’t’s of interviews.

She gave us a run down of the services the university offered, and also covered what most employers would be looking for in students, like:



-team work/building etc

cv 3



Above are some notes taken in class from the talk, and it gave me a lot to rethink. I had modeled my cv after my previous work cv, but it was severely lacking content and interest after comparing it to Glenda’s tips. I’ve decided to just completely and utterly restart it again from scratch and follow these tips, as well as research more thoroughly the best way to write a creative cv.

How to Write an artists CV

How to write an artists CV in 10 steps

40 most creative CVs

30 Creative CVs

Video CVs

All these sites were useful, and they gave me some ideas with how to present my cv. After some experimenting and thoughts though, I decided a crowded cv wouldn’t be the best idea, and Edward was nice enough to send me a CV constructor from the Ulster Portal.



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